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One of the laser resurfacing devices we use at PV Medical Aesthetics is The Erbium laser. It is an ablative laser, meaning each time it is passed over an area, it removes a very fine layer of damaged skin. This continues until it reaches a level less affected by the problem, allowing new healthier skin to be revealed. The Erbium laser can be used to resurface a range of skin conditions including wrinkling, post acne scarring, sun damage and benign skin tumors.

The 1550 nm Erbium laser wavelength is delivered through a scanning device that
precisely removes layers of skin by vaporizing (heating to high temperature) the water within tissue. 

To see whether the Erbium laser treatment is right for you, book a no obligation consultation with one of our clinicians at our Clinic today.

Technical Information

This clinically proven procedure can be used on a variety of problems with the skin over a series of treatments, including reduction of facial wrinkles, especially on the forehead, upper lips, and cheeks, as well as repairing smoker’s lines by smoothing out pucker marks.

This laser skin treatment is also approved for the use of smoothing the skin around the eyelids, and the reduction of crow’s feet. Lack of confidence related to scars can be made a thing of the past thanks to the Erbium laser, which can improve and flatten atrophic scars caused by trauma, acne, and even surgery.

Even superficial pigmentation issues can be addressed, including age spots, liver spots, freckles, and other discolourations of the skin, like uneven skin colour.

Erbium laser treatment also stimulates hair growth through upregulating. It complements our ASTRA micro-needling with PepFactor.

Erbium laser causes less thermal injury to the skin and therefore virtually no risk of skin burns of surrounding tissues. This means less risk of hyperpigmentation and permanent scarring.


Common side effects of erbium laser include swelling, redness and superficial crusting which lasts for a week at most.

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