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The Lumina LED is photodynamic therapy with blue, red, infrared, yellow, green, and combined LED colors. It is suitable for acne treatment, eliminating inflammation, and promoting skin wound healing. The high-power LED radiation source is delivered in a dense matrix array in order for higher intensity and more uniform speckles. Based on an aerodynamic design, the Lumina LED combined with super-thermal conductive materials ensures safe, reliable, and stable use.

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About LED & Skin Cancer


When you have it?


You might have PDT if you have thin non-melanoma skin cancer. You might have it to treat:

  • some basal cell cancers (BCC's)

  • Bowen's disease (squamous cell carcinoma in situ)

  • actinic keratosis (solar keratosis)

Your doctor might suggest PDT if surgery could cause changes to your appearance. So you might have it if you have large skin cancer that is not too deep. Or if you have several cancers in an area. Clinical trials have shown that the appearance of the skin after PDT is better than after surgery.

PDT is not suitable for deep basal cell cancers or squamous cell skin cancers. This is because the light cannot go deeply enough into the skin.

For actinic keratosis, you usually have one treatment. For basal cell cancer or Bowen’s disease, you usually have two treatments 7 days apart. This is one cycle of treatment.

Your doctor will tell you what’s best for your situation.


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